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In many cases, burn personal injuries are some of the most debilitating and painful experiences an individual may be faced enduring in their lifetime. Recovery from serious burn injuries takes long periods of time, which may entail necessary, albeit extremely painful, medical procedures.

For victims of burn injuries due to another’s negligence, there is legal recourse to compensation for these and other actions. For individuals and their loved ones in California, a Bay Area burn injury attorney can assist in ensuring the pain, suffering, lost wages, and expensive medical procedures victims face following a burn injury is not solely the burden of victims and their family.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are nearly two and a half million burn injuries suffered annually, with nearly seventy-five thousand of these burn injuries require prolonged hospitalization. Burn injuries may be classified by medical professionals as any one of the following types including:

  • First degree burns, which entail small amounts of tissue damage to the epidermis
  • Second degree burns, which afflict both the epidermis and dermis
  • Third degree burns, which affect the hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis causing extensive and irreparable injuries in some cases
  • Inhalation injuries, which can include smoke inhalation, internal thermal burns, and systemic toxins

Oftentimes, others negligence is responsible for promoting a situation or event that results in burn accident injuries. Common types of negligence causing burn injury victims include product liability cases, criminal actions, unsafe employment practices, failure to adhere to building and fire codes, or other forms of personal injury accidents. Many burn accident injuries are reason enough for sufferers to receive financial damages for the injuries and losses that they have suffered. A Bay Area burn injury attorney can assist individuals and their loved ones who may have been negligently injured due to burns. Contact San Francisco Bay Area burn injury attorney today.