Defective Products

Have you been injured by a defective product?

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Manufacturers of products often fail to live up to their legal responsibility to produce a safe product. Design defects or faulty assembly can result in a catastrophic failure with devastating consequences for the user of the product and anyone in the vicinity.

The Bay Area Lawyers at the Strick Law Offices help victims of defective products obtain compensation for their injuries, financial losses and suffering. Injuries from a defective product can have life-changing consequences. In cases such as these, the attorneys at the Strick Law Offices strive to obtain maximum compensation for each client. Our goal in every case is to Right the Wrong and help you obtain the financial resources that can make your life and that of your family easier.

Choosing the Right Expert

Product liability cases often hinge on highly technical investigations of the causes of failure. To bolster their arguments, the lawyers on each side in a Defective Product lawsuit will hire experts who can illustrate in understandable terms how the failure occurred and who was responsible. It is not enough just to hire an expert or even the smartest expert. The knowledgeable Bay Area defective product attorney will seek out the right expert for the task.

Contingency Fee Attorney

The Strick Law Offices handle all product liability cases on a contingency fee basis. A client only pays attorneys fees if a recovery is obtained. There is no charge for an initial consultation. The Bay Area Injury Attorneys at the Strick Law Offices have been representing injured individuals for 28 years.

If you have been injured by a defective product, please do not speak to a representative of the manufacturer or insurance company without first speaking to a Bay Area defective product attorney at the Strick Law Offices. We know how to protect your rights! Call The Strick Law Offices to discuss your case. Since our Bay Area defective product attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, it costs you nothing to learn if our experts can Right Your Wrong.

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